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Using our disciplined investment strategy, we have the capacity management ensuring available cash flow for our investors, when needed. We specialize in diversified asset classes such as cash management, fixed income, publicly traded equities, hedge funds, private equity, structured products, social impact, climate change, project finance, debt facility, commodities, and currencies.

A Yun Capital Asset Management client does not have to invest in YCAM funds.  We consider it our mission to make sure our clients are investing in products that will give them the most outstanding returns – regardless of where these opportunities reside. We do the due diligence, analysis and build a sound strategy from the best opportunities that the world has to offer – reflecting today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

Our products are specifically designed to serve the needs of international pension funds, government entities, family offices, endowments and foundations.  We measure ourselves daily on certain criteria: Focused leadership, unique structured products, responsible investing and the right risk versus return. We monitor. We create conservatively. We design and source products that are ahead of the market, only to have the market catch up with us later. We bring insight, energy and creativity together to consistently outperform benchmarks that we and our clients set for ourselves.

In short, our uniqueness lies in:

Customization of strategy

Long-term strategy

Creative thinking

Intuitive intelligence towards solving the growth challenges

Brain trust