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Yun Capital “Controlled Risk” Asset Management Service
"Creating the Best Diversified Portfolio"
We source for you a selection of investments designed to render outstanding results. We do this while making sure that the control of risk is our primary objective. We use a conservative investment strategy so our investors are protected from industry and country downturns. A customized portfolio would include both traditional and non-traditional assets classes to assure independence from economic conditions and measurable growth. Our selection of investments – from around the world – reflect the areas of business and the world where growth is still viable as well as reliable.

Yun Capital “Private Label” Asset Management Service
“YCAM’s Family of Funds”
This is our unique Yun Capital process, which includes products that are tailor designed for the markets. Each Yun Capital product has been created in-house, and has been designed to optimize the needs of investors. These may include a specialized guarantee, certain structured returns, and returns based on market sensitivities. YCAM’s Family of Funds are custom-created, unique and built to optimize returns with a conservative approach of investing.

Yun Capital Asset Management chooses from a global set of Investment opportunities and builds you a customized portfolio, Specially designed to meet and exceed your needs.

Yun Capital “Private Fund” Asset Management Service
“Managing Your Assets In-house”
Need fresh experienced team members who can enhance your team’s thinking but don’t want to invest in outside funds? Yun Capital Asset Management professionals will come to you and analyze your entire portfolio needs, choose and build the right portfolio structure for you. We manage it from your office, and work with your entire team to ensure privacy, and ensure that your whole financial position is working optimally for success.