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About Us

Yun Capital Asset Management is an independent full service investment management firm owned by Yun Capital, headquartered in New York.  Partnered with Citigroup, Interactive Brokers and Wells Fargo, we also have offices in Salt Lake City, Latin America and the Caribbean.  In business for over 9 years, we privately manage over $1.6B in four different funds: Global Media Fund, TigrCub Fund, Paean Fund and Maximus Fund.  We also currently consult to retainer clients with assets in excess of $300M USD dollars.

Yun Capital is an international private investment bank that specializes in creating new products and in participating in the funding of large-scale projects, real estate commercial and residential developments, mergers and acquisitions, and new technologies. In addition, Yun Capital is the founder and owner of Helios Banc, located in the Caribbean and the Latin Americas.

Yun Capital brings a unique, passionate energy to creating its financial solutions. Each financing initiative is made up of creative and indefatigable financial problem-solving, a straightforward “can do” approach, and intuitive intelligence towards solving business challenges.